2018/2019 Rover Ruckus

Game Analysis and Strategy

This year’s game involves a strategy that succeeds in performing all tasks presented in the Challenge. The major tasks associated with this year’s Challenge are descending from the lander, scoring marker, sampling, scoring minerals and ascending on the lander. In some ways this year’s game seems pretty simple but succeeding inside that simplicity has taken much hard work.

With the objective of being able to perform competitively, at a very high level, our first goal was improving from last year’s robot, place higher, and to be able to choose our alliance partners. We set out to have the highest scoring robot possible, to help create strong alliances. We tried to create a robot that was equally strong in autonomous as it is in tele-op. To accomplish this, we had a build weekend, where we:

  • Analyzed the game and identified the ways to score points, and the constraints of the game
  • Had team members simulate being robots, and had them play the game to understand how it might be played by actual robots
  • Used the information we discovered to create a priority list of robot mechanisms and qualities:
    • Fast collection of minerals
    • Light-weight  
    • Being able to drive into crater
    • Raise and lower robot
    • Place marker
    • Sample minerals
    • Scoring minerals into the lander 

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