For the 2019/2020 Skystone Season, we were fortunate to again be awarded a grant from Schneider Electric. The grant helps cover the many costs associated with running a competitive robotics team. We have also been fortunate to have volunteers from the local Schneider Electric office in Homewood assist us as officials at our league meets and invite us to present to their employees and their families at outreach events.

The Homewood Science Center has been invaluable to us for many seasons. They provide us with space to work and have introduced us to many of our sponsors. We give back by volunteering at their events, which in turn helps us with STEM outreach. 

We would also like to thank the support of our families, and other personal donors:

  • The Beezie Family
  • The Davis/Carter Family
  • The Epley Family
  • The Ellis Family
  • The Hayward Family
  • The Matthews Family
  • The Nelson Family
  • The Sheridan Family
  • The Uecker Family
  • The Washington Family
  • The Wesley Family
  • The Wilson-Ahlstrom Family
  • The Woods Family
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