2020 / 2021 Ultimate Goal

Game Analysis and Strategy

Auto Strategy

  1. We started figuring out our possible strategies by finding all possible solutions to the autonomous challenge. (all starting positions, penalties, routes, etc.)
  2. We then determined the max auto score, from that we chose a reasonable auto score goal of 56 points. We wanted to achieve this by placing the wobble in the target zone (15 pts), shooting 3 high goals (36 pts), parking (5 pts).
  3. To polish our strategy we anticipated
    possible issues by listing errors in
    previous years’ strategies in order to
    avoid them and we did a tabletop simulation to see how our strategy might look in the real world.

Tele-op Strategy

  • We determined our strategy options for tele-op in a similar way to our auto strategy, we started by listing all possibilities for scoring.
  • We determined that we would try to shoot rings for the entirety of tele-op, with a “cycle time” of 13 seconds (worst case), giving us 9 cycles per tele-op. We discussed giving up 1 “cycle” to move the remaining wobble goal past the scoring line to make it eligible for scoring in end game.End Game Strategy

We knew we wanted to use the wobble goals in end game, so we focused our discussion on that.

Overall Strategy

For Auto we ultimately decided to move the wobble goal, shoot three rings at the high goal, and park

For Tele-Op we decided to focus on quick shooting strategies to optimize the number of rings we could score, this heavily influenced the design of both the launcher and the intake and helped the programming team create a state machine that ensured those two mechanisms worked well together.

We wanted to focus on scoring the wobble goals during end game, which led us to design an efficient and simple wobble goal mechanism to help us complete this task.

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